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Homebase React

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What and Why

As data and our need to annotate and organize it grows, so does our need for supporting state in write-heavy applications.

To solve this problem, modern write-heavy applications such as Superhuman, Roam Research, and Facebook Messenger built their own embedded data layers to enable these more sophisticated user experiences.

Homebase React enables developers to access the same embedded datalog database as Roam Research through React hooks. You no longer have to build out a team or learn specialized tools like Clojure in order to build a delightful write-heavy application.


1# NPM
2npm install homebase-react --save
4# Yarn
5yarn add homebase-react


Homebase is executing on the vision of data usage, portability, and management we had when building Firebase. We never got there. I'm excited!

—James Tamplin, Founder/CEO of Firebase

Datalog is the future of end-user programming, personal productivity software, p2p software, etc.

—Chet Corcos, Founding Engineer of Notion