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Homebase React

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The graph database for delightful React state management

Homebase React makes state management painless by enabling you to plug a relational graph database into your React application with just 3 lines of code. This is the same database that powers Roam Research and many other ClojureScript applications, but with an API that's familiar to React and JS developers.


1# NPM
2npm install homebase-react --save
4# Yarn
5yarn add homebase-react


  • The simplest and most declarative state management solution
  • The power of a backend relational graph database, but without having to wait on the network
  • Convenient JSON query syntax
  • Powerful Clojure style Datalog query syntax if you need it
  • Traverse your data graph like it's a big JSON object
  • Backup your data to the cloud


  1. Document integration with more backends
  2. Swap Datascript out for Datahike
    1. Immutability
    2. History / Change Tracking
  3. Persist to IndexedDB
  4. Local-first conflict resolution for offline caching and sync between multiple devices